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Many businesses may pride themselves on their positive culture of employee engagement in the workplace.

And rightly so, as keeping staff engaged is an excellent way to improve performance, satisfaction levels and retention, all in one fell swoop.

However, unless business leaders understand what is behind this positive culture, they cannot guarantee that it will continue to sustain itself in the long run.

Simply put, if you don't understand the cause of staff engagement in the first place, when it starts to dip and dive you will face a hard time figuring out why.

In a recent survey carried out by UK-based mobile HR solution provider Youforce, respondents said that the two biggest factors driving employee engagement in their organisations were corporate culture and recognition.

Those weren't the only things identified as important contributors to a culture of engagement, however.

Career progression and opportunities for advancement was another, as was learning and training, pay, and the reputation of the organisation.

Some of these are arguably connected – the chance to upskill and seek avenues of self-development can lead to improved odds of scoring a promotion.

Yet there is no single characteristic that links them all. A position may pay very well, yet an organisation's negative reputation could be cancelling out the effect of this positive remuneration on employee engagement.

The situation may be no less complex in your company.

The key to truly understanding what drives engagement within your workforce is asking the very individuals that work for you for their perspective.

Using survey software, you can design an employee satisfaction survey that can get to the heart of the staff engagement drivers in your business.

Not only will this take the guesswork out of building engagement in your workforce – it will also show your staff that keeping them engaged and happy is as much your priority as it is theirs.

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