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Curious about the top tips that will help you to retain your employees? Here are some of the ways you can keep them engaged and happy in their roles.

James Adonis surveyed around 260 people around the world to find out just what they are searching for in the workplace.

According to his results, salary is the biggest motivator of staff, garnering around 12 per cent of the vote. However, a close second was meaningful work, which received around 10 per cent of the vote. Challenging work was also deemed to be important, resulting in 9.85 per cent of the vote.

In order to create more meaningful work opportunities, you may need to survey your staff about what they consider to be important. They may have their own ideas about which areas they would like to focus on, or how you can make their current roles more meaningful and challenging. You could include this as a question in an employee satisfaction survey – you may be surprised to find what they say.

Flexibility was another aspect that many staff said was important to performance, gaining another 8 per cent of the vote. Whether you decide to allow staff the opportunity to work from home or are flexible about late starts, is up to you, but it pays to be aware of what staff desire in a job.

The fifth most popular reason was having an excellent manager. Again, this can be determined in a staff survey, as employees may state just what motivates them and how a manager could improve their skill set in order to be more helpful.

When asked what they most disliked about their job, 19 per cent said bureaucracy, 15 per cent said communication and 10,96 listed various other reasons such as having insufficient time, paperwork and office politics.

Try a free demonstration of a PeoplePulse survey to get the ball rolling and see which aspects of your business you can improve.

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