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For a company, the ability to obtain and retain quality staff is essential to productivity and an all-round well-functioning business.

Implementing a scheme of benefits or perks for your employees can be one way of enticing the right kind of staff for your company and keeping them on board.

You might wonder what kind of benefits your employees are interested in. A good thing to do to start things off is ask your staff directly through the use of employee surveys, where they can pose their ideas to you.

Aside from that, here are some other common employee benefits that are useful in helping to attract great staff.

Health related benefits

Many employees will value health insurance packages. However, there are other more financially viable options too, such as providing monthly massages to ease those office-related aches and strains. Or how about employee health monitoring programs, subsidised gym memberships or offering healthy eating options?

Staff discounts

Many companies will offer discounts for staff on their own products or services. For example if you operate a retail chain, perhaps staff are offered a 30 per cent discount on clothing items.

A chance to travel

Run a competition or incentive program where the winner or winners get to head off to a mystery location for a weekend. Whether it be a hotel relatively close-by or an all-out overseas adventure, this kind of exciting perk is likely to be highly valued by staff members.

Banish hunger

People love food, and they love it even more when it's free. Take your employees out for lunch every month on the business, or have a subsidised after-work bar excursion regularly.

Offer flexibility

Companies that are flexible and perhaps offer the opportunity to work from home on occasion, or have varying hours are in hot demand, especially for parents of young children looking to achieve a good work-life balance.

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