Webinar: Report Insights

How to Effectively Present & Communicate Your Staff Survey Results




So, you’ve invested lots of time and effort into running your staff surveys, and you’ve collected a wealth of information … but now what?


Watch this webinar to learn:


  • How to present your survey results in a meaningful way
  • The best way to report on your free-text comments
  • The most effective way to communicate your insights to the wider organisation
  • What kind of insights will your leadership team be most interested in

In this webinar, we will show you 5 best-practice steps that will help turn your survey data into a powerful story:


  • Learn how to develop an easy-to-understand framework for interpreting your survey data
  • See examples of effective survey reports and presentations for various stakeholders
  • Learn how to get greater employee engagement through strategic communication of survey insights and follow up actions
  • Learn how to develop ‘scorecards’ that link your survey insights to other key business performance metrics


The webinar is run by:


Lewina Maniarpillai
Reporting Insights Manager, PeoplePulse


and facilitated by:


Bronwyn Brown
Senior BDM, PeoplePulse

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