In this webinar we’ll be covering best practices for creating a first class staff onboarding feedback system:

  • The 3 key stages your new hires go through, and how to collect actionable feedback at each step
  • A sample of the key questions to focus on within each stage of the onboarding process
  • The best approach to incorporate Manager feedback into the Onboarding Process
  • Our proven and tested 12-step process for onboarding feedback best practice
  • How to easily identify events that require your immediate attention before it’s too late
  • Practical examples of the best and fastest way to share actionable onboarding insights with your management team.

Bonus: at the conclusion of the session all attendees will receive a free ‘Showbag’ of useful Onboarding Survey resources and templates to help ensure your new hire survey process stays on track.

The webinar is run by:

Paul Quinn
Founder, PeoplePulse

and facilitated by:

Lewina Maniarpillai
Reporting Insights Manager, PeoplePulse

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