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No matter what kind of business you're operating, communication with your client and consumer base is key. That means finding a means of efficient and effective communication, and these days many companies are connecting to the web to make use of social media.

Because as much as it's important to gauge your customers' opinions on your company through methods such as customer satisfaction surveys, it's also important to give back to these people and directly address their concerns and provide them with information. One way of doing this effectively is through social media – and as a bonus, it's cheap and relatively easy to do.

Online mediums such as Facebook and Twitter are increasingly the norm for companies. It's a way of instantly communicating and addressing your 'followers'. Facebook and Twitter aren't the only mediums for communication however – an increasing number of people are also turning to LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit and Instagram to communicate in various ways with consumers. 

There are some golden rules you'll need to remember though, when navigating the online world. It's best to first plan out a strategy for your social media. It's important not to just post 'random' content with no purpose – everything you put online should be driven by your overall market strategy for your business.

While social media pages can open up a world of constructive communication there is also scope for the negative to occur. Don't take the bait if a customer says something negative about your company online – remember the frustrating mantra 'the customer is always right' and never respond with hostility. In this kind of scenario it's best to be courteous and polite, and acknowledge any real transgressions.

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