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Customer service surveys are an excellent way to understand your consumer base, including their likes and dislikes as well as their overall experience with your company’s services.

While understanding the psychology behind question formation and decision making is important, it may also prove increasingly profitable to understand the personality of the customer too.

This has already been accepted in terms of different factors such as age and location, however could be further extended to include traits exhibited by consumers in wider online and social activities as well.

Recent research from IBM has revealed that today’s customers have significant online personalities that differentiate them both from their peers as well as from their real-life activities.

The 2011 research builds upon the theory that age is an outdated method of categorisation and instead businesses should look more towards behaviour to define segments.

The study found that the majority of consumers can have one of four labels applied to their “digital personalities”: efficiency experts, content kings, social butterflies and connected maestros.

Most customers are likely to be in the first or last segment. Efficiency experts represent 41 per cent of survey respondents who use digital devices as a way of making their lives easier. In second place with 35 per cent of customers identifying with this category, connected maestros use technology as a mixture of instance access to friends as well as for more specialist interest research.

A recent report from Deloitte Australia also supports the claim that consumers are increasingly using the digital sphere as way of defining and determining their behaviour, with the rise and combination of technology offering a means to “empower consumers”, the report found.

Both studies have raised interesting questions about the nature in which customer trends are identified and analysed. Using online survey software could be one way to best capture this data, as it allows consumers to engage with surveys in a medium they are already well versed in.

How could your company benefit from better understanding your consumers through segmentation in online surveys? Request a free demonstration and find out more.

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