In Why Feedback Matters

So, you're thinking about sending out a customer service survey to receive feedback about your business' performance and how you are meeting your clientele's goals?

Do you know what you plan to do with this information once it is collected? Here are some great reasons you should follow through with feedback and consider implementing the changes your customers suggest.

Customers may have good ideas

Sometimes your business may be too close to home, meaning you might not be able to see the forest for the trees. Your customers are in the forefront and often know exactly what they are looking for.

After all, they are the market you are trying to capture, and the changes they recommend may be able to help you to encourage other consumers to use your products and services.

You can continually improve

No business is perfect from the get go and while you may be doing many great things for your customers, there are always ways you can improve.

Doing a customer survey may well highlight these areas as well as those in which you excel.

Plus, implementing these changes may also encourage word of mouth sales, particularly if specific customers are sought after for additional assistance.

Praise staff for what they're getting right

Who would have thought that by asking your customers what they think, you can also boost staff morale? If the surveys highlight a specific aspect of your company that is working well, tell the relevant employees.

This recognition indicates to them that management are aware of their efforts and may well push them towards becoming more engaged in the workplace. This means they may become more productive and achieve more.

If you would like to see just what kinds of feedback you could get, why not try a free demonstration of an Australian-built survey tool?

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