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How do you get the best and highest response to that customer feedback survey you've so carefully crafted?

Here are some tips to help you ensure your surveys are being answered. That way, you can benefit from knowing the services your customers already value and what they'd like to see improved. 

1. Catch their attention

You'll need to make sure they open your email. If it looks too 'spammy​' or could be deceptive, people will be less inclined to open it and therefore won't click through to answer the survey itself.

Once you've thought of a snappy subject line to catch their attention, the next step is to keep them reading. Your first line needs to capture their interest as it is from here they will decide whether your email is worth reading or not.

2. Give them all the information – without the white lies

After opening your email and being drawn in with a compelling intro, it is important to ensure you provide your customers with some information about what the survey contains.

For example, let them know how long it will take, what it's about and what they will get out of it – even if it's just a promise of better service. Be honest about it.

Another key idea is to include a plan to take actions on the results as customers will be more likely to respond if they know their voice will be heard. 

3. Make sure it's easy to navigate

Once your customers have found their way to the survey itself, it is highly important to ensure it is easy to complete. If there are too many complicated questions or fields to answer, customers may be turned off.

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