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When you're running a survey, part of the battle is in getting people to see your invite in the first place, triggering them to answer your questions.

Here are some top tips to crafting the perfect survey invite.

A hook

When your staff open their emails they need to be grabbed by your introduction and subject line.

This will ensure their attention has been reached and encourage them to answer the questions you have so lovingly put together.

Provide information about data confidentiality

There's nothing worse than receiving a survey and not knowing where the information is going – how others plan on using it for their own gain.

Make sure you explain who will see the results, whether they will be linked to your employee's name and how the results will be reviewed.

This will help to inspire confidence in the process and ensure you have ticked all the boxes.

Explain what's in it for them

Nobody wants to take time from their busy days in order to respond to a survey that they do not benefit from.

Make sure your employees think it's worth their while to respond – you could offer an incentive or explain how you will use the results to improve business – whatever you think will encourage your staff to respond.

Have an easy link

Online surveys are great, but people need to easily be able to click on the link that will have them directed instantly to the right survey.

Make it as easy as you can for them to find the survey – even going as far as adding the link twice if you feel it is necessary – once at the top of the page and again at the bottom.

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