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What does your business do when regular customers elect to stop using your services or buying your products?

Here are some ways to tackle the problem of lapsed customers head on.

Don't let them lapse in the first place

Instead of waiting for customers to leave and then trying to get them back, start the feedback process before they walk away.

A regular customer service survey can help you to ensure that you are keeping your customers satisfied.

When you notice that satisfaction levels are dipping in certain areas, you can then act quickly to adjust your practice or intervene in individual cases where necessary.

Don't give up on them

When a customer stops buying your products or services, it is important not to resign yourself to their loss.

There are many reasons why a consumer may stop using your services, and in a lot of cases it may not take a lot of effort to draw them back.

Contacting lapsed customers and performing a customer feedback survey can help you to diagnose the issue and assess the best action to take.

Make an extra effort

Anything you can do to incentivise lapsed customers to come back to your business could well be worth it in the long run.

That's because in general, the longer a customer sticks with a company, the better the return on your initial investment in marketing to get your business noticed in the marketplace.

This is the most important point about lapsed customers – you've already done the hard yards in attracting them in the first place.

If you can hold on to them and keep them coming back, it could well be worth any short-term incentive you can offer them to return to your business.

With specialist survey software, you can customise feedback surveys and find out from your lapsed customers which incentives would most likely bring them back to your company.

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