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Any company needs to learn to communicate effectively with their customer and client base in order to provide a top notch level of customer service. But what is the best, most effective and efficient way to undertake this communication?

One thing you can do to begin with may be to pose your customers the question of what form of communication works for them with a customer feedback survey.

Along these lines, new information from eDigitialResearch claims that at the moment, social media is the quickest and most reliable form of customer contact. This will come as no surprise to those who have been monitoring the effects of the web and social media on the business world, as the proliferation and popularity of sites like Twitter and Facebook have significantly influenced company operations.

According to eDigitalResearch, about 80 per cent of consumers who contacted a brand through social media heard back from the company within 12 hours. Only 37 per cent of people who emailed the company heard back in that same timeframe.

Of concern was the fact that around one in ten customers never received a response from a company when they got in touch regardless of their specific channel of communication (whether it be via letter, social media or email), showing that there are improvements to be made across all mediums.

In many communication scenarios a tailored, case by case approach is likely to be necessary. There is no one-size fits all solution in the modern world that amalgamates groups of people from all ages and from all around the world, but it's likely that the majority of companies can benefit from effective communication in the social media realm.

Other channels however, such as telephone, email, and even snail mail still need to be maintained for those who want to use them in order to maintain superior levels of customer service.

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