In Staff Surveys, Why Feedback Matters

An international study has found that Australia is ranking well for staff happiness – but could be doing better.

Nineteen countries were involved in the study, such as Canada, China, the United States, India, Germany and Hong Kong just to name a few, and Australia came out in sixth place.

The ORC International survey did find however that while not up there with the best of the best, Australia did gain five points in the engagement index from last year, bringing the score up to 62 per cent.

So what does this all mean for your business?

If ORC International is anything to go by, they use survey software to acquire "rich insight into what is really going on", allowing them to understand how staff are feeling about their jobs, workplace, and general engagement, giving them an idea of how the economy is performing and what the future may hold for certain industries.

This is all because levels of staff  happiness and engagement are essential to any company.

You can perform your own analysis in-house with an employee satisfaction survey that was made here in Australia for Australian companies.

Three areas you could investigate further from the ORC study are those that make up the key drivers for employee engagement; how an employee feels about their leadership and how included they are, whether they feel inspired in their job, and the nature of their job.

This may help you to uncover how your workforce feels about their jobs, and in turn, you might be able to implement changes or introduce new initiatives to help improve staff satisfaction, further improving the productivity and general wellbeing of your organisation.

If you want a free trial of this Australian-built online survey tool, click here for a custom-branded demonstration of PeoplePulse.

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