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Talking about a salary can be a touchy subject for many, and is often one of the harder matters to broach in the workplace.

In general society, talking about the amount that one earns is taboo, which can often transfer into difficulties with approaching it on the job – even though this should be the place where people are comfortable talking to their employers or vice versa about the weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay packet.

Because after all, that's one of the main reasons we work.

So if you or your employees are struggling to bring up the subject face-to-face or even through digital communication, you could consider utilising PeoplePulse software for an employee satisfaction survey, or even a focused employee remuneration and benefits survey.

Using survey software to gather information like this will give you a set of results from as few or as many of your employees as you'd like, and can be taken anonymously if you prefer.

This might help you to better understand the expectations of your workers and if their wages are really meeting them.

Not all employees have the confidence to speak up about their salaries. They might be performing well without recognition, and could be too intimidated to talk to someone about it, or they might find that they are overdue for a review and need a way to let you know.

Offering a survey to garner this kind of information could also find out extra details about pay slips, like if workers find that the process is clear and transparent enough to understand exactly how their wages are decided.

Salaries are a tricky subject, and some people simply don't know how to approach the topic with their employer.

If you want to trial an Australian-built survey tool, click here for a free custom-branded demonstration of PeoplePulse.

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