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A new area of research and initiatives has been revealed – and it highlights the need for employees to be supported in the workplace by their employer.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have been studying the field of workplace mental health and work with employers and employees, unions and advocacy groups to promote positive mental health in the workplace.

A number of doctor and researchers are promoting an integrated approach to mental health in the workforce so that levels of workplace stress are reduced, while overall wellbeing is improved.

"To our knowledge this is the first time this integrative approach has been tested in an Australian context, and has the potential to make a strong, positive impact on both employee and organisational outcomes," said chief executive officer of SuperFriend, a national mental health foundation, Margo Lydon.

Researchers will conduct studies over the coming months and will also survey working Australians to find out more about their overall wellbeing. This will help researchers to create work-based intervention programs which can lead to better mental health outcomes in workplaces across the nation.

“Employees need to find meaning in their work, attain a sense of fulfilment and engagement and have positive workplace relationships to experience workplace wellbeing. We also need to ensure that workplaces are psychologically healthy and safe in order for work to be good for employee mental health," said Ms Lydon.

So what can you do to help your employees before the findings of this research project are available?

Maybe you'd like to create employee satisfaction surveys that can help your staff to assert any problems of this nature. To assist employees in telling the truth in this situation, surveys could be kept anonymous or staff could be given the option either way.

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