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If you want your employees to be productive and engaged, you need to provide a supportive workplace.

You will also want to regularly gauge their opinion of the working environment, to see where you can make improvements.

This can be done through satisfaction questionnaires in the workplace. However, there are a few considerations to take into account before you distribute your employee surveys.

Will your surveys be anonymous?

You have the option of conducting your survey anonymously or not. There are benefits and drawbacks to both approaches.

If you distribute an anonymous survey, staff may feel they can be more open and honest with their feedback, which could be of benefit to your department or company.

On the other hand, having an anonymous survey means you won't be able to follow up with a staff member on a particular matter, which means you can face difficulties if you want to delve deeper into an issue but need more information.

In contrast, if your survey is attributed to each staff member, they may be hesitant to reveal their true opinions. However, it can be extremely helpful in identifying issues and solving them quickly.

If you don't want your staff surveys to be anonymous, then you need to make sure your workplace is supportive and open-minded so staff do not fear they will experience repercussions for saying the wrong thing.

You will need to foster an environment where openness is appreciated, and where issues are dealt with succinctly and courteously.

Once this honest team environment has been forged, your staff are likely to feel much more comfortable in expressing their opinions.

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