In Customer & Client Surveys, Why Feedback Matters

For most Australian businesses, having a social media strategy is an absolute must – yet how do you guarantee that yours is a success?

Today (February 28), StartupSmart revealed that a survey by Latitude Insights and Social Hatch had revealed that more than 80 per cent of Australians who use social media had connected with a brand on social networks.

That's great news for businesses active in the online world, with the report's authors noting that consumers are clearly interested in getting to know brands through social media.

"However, our research also shows that social media users are currently underwhelmed by brands' activity in this space. While some brands are getting it right, many are not," the authors wrote.

In fact, almost half of the users who said they had connected with a brand on social media said they had also ditched a brand.

The report said that the main reasons that respondents had ditched a brand on social media websites were for posting too many posts (55 per cent), having boring content (36 per cent) and because they simply lost interest in the product or service (31 per cent).

“Brands need to ensure that social media users feel like the content is specific to them. In this space, a brand’s product, service, content and tone all need to make consumers feel like it has been developed just for them.”

So how can your business be sure social media users will feel this way about your online presence? The key is to understand the preferences of social media users.

An excellent way to find out what your customers want is to utilise customer satisfaction surveys with tailored customer survey questions.

These can help your business match its social media strategy to the preferences of its target audience – increasing the likelihood of its success and your customers' satisfaction.

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