HR Leaders – Poll Results

In September 2009 PeoplePulse surveyed Australian HR Leaders and asked them to articulate their key HR focus for 2009 / 2010 in their own words. This page sumarises the results.

8 Key themes arose for HR Leaders in 2009/2010 – namely:

1. Managing Change
2. Industrial Relations / Policy Issues
3. Company Culture
4. Leadership Development
5. Staff Engagement
6. Knowledge Management / Transfer
7. Reward / Recognition / Remuneration
8. Training

Here’s a pictorial representation of the relative importance of free text responses received:


Your key HR focus for 2009 / 2010 – Examples of specific comments received:

1. Managing Change:

Examples of comments included:

Dealing with change and people transiting to the organisation from different cultures and organisations including adapting new vision, values as well as systems and processes with existing or non-existing processes.

As we work towards a cultural shift to better align with our corporate vision and strategy leaders need to be motivated, competent and supported to bring about this change.

Organisation will be undergoing significant change. Employees will need much support and communication during this process.

2. Industrial Relations / Policy Issues:

Examples of comments included:

Due to Fair Work Act we have many areas we need to review and implement change, also we have had a change on focus in the type of work we are doing as this has resulted in extra interest from the unions.

Our Key focus will be the Fair Work Australia and the changes that this brings with it.

Supporting the survivors of major organisational restructures, engaging them and keeping them productive. Also managing the changed IR landscape.

Maintaining employee engagement in the face of new legislation that allows more unions so much more access to our staff than before and collective bargaining under FWF.

Transitioning to FWA, FWA legislative compliance, implementation of modern awards and NES into business and associated risk management.

3. Company Culture:

Examples of comments included:

Changing the culture to high performance, proactive service.

The HR Focus will be to develop an open culture, with regular reviews as well as succession planning for all staff. The other focus will be to allow people to get involved and bring idea to the table in relation to company culture.

Our number one focus in the next 12 months will be on culture change.

4. Leadership Development:

Examples of comments included:

Leadership Development with a view to skill managers on how to develop trust, represent the company and engage staff.

Leadership development / retention, as the economic recovery from the ‘Global Financial Crisis’ appears to be far quicker than many anticipated.

Leadership development – ensuring we have great leadership and management despite the GFC. Positioning ourselves so that we are ahead of the pack once the economy recovers.

Fostering staff development and therefore commitment to the organization.

Leadership development; and employee development.

5. Staff Engagement:

Examples of comments included:

Engagement has such strong links to recruitment, development and productivity it becomes the key to investing in the right people.

The main issue facing us in HR at this point in time is getting the senior managers to understand the importance of engagement

Focus will be in finding new ways to improve employee engagement and employer branding, in light of impacts of the GFC

We will work on staff engagement by focusing on training and developing our people to deliver the excellence we will need.

6. Knowledge Management / Transfer:

Examples of comments included:

Holes are appearing in knowledge management. Therefore sharing and succession are mandatory issues.

Focusing on our Leadership and management capability.

Talent management and Knowledge transfer/capture.

7. Reward / Recognition / Remuneration:

Examples of comments included:

Our number one focus in 09/10 will be on Reward and Recognition.

Identify training and development needs to assist in reward and recognition initiatives.

Making the sure we have the right people in the right roles and are being remunerated appropriately.

Meeting remuneration expectations within very tight budget.

8. Training:

Examples of comments included:

Training and development of staff as a result of new regulations coming into the industry we work within.

Improve training and promote multi skill as priority investment in every employee.

Invest in raining & education to help decrease staff turnover.

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