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Once upon a time, businesses were content with handing out an employee satisfaction survey at the end of the year.

Staff surveys are a great way to measure employee engagement and to learn ways to better support the people who form the best resource of an organisation.

Yet employee engagement isn't just something to worry about once a year – it is important to keep on top of it year-round.

That is especially the case now that the era of people sticking with one company for their entire career is rapidly fading into the history books.

Twenty-first century workers are mobile and aware that they probably have other employment options at their disposal, were they to decide to move on.

That means employers need to be on top of their game when it comes to monitoring and promoting staff engagement, and not just once a year, but all the time.

This is where survey software can make taking a regular snapshot of your workforce's engagement a breeze.

Survey software can help you change from a once-a-year token effort at monitoring staff satisfaction to a much more proactive approach.

It provides a fast, user-friendly and cost-effective way to get feedback from your staff about whatever topic that you need information on.

Do you want to see what staff think about the current management structure? Perhaps you want to gauge their support for a new business development or how well supported they feel in their roles.

Many employees may be scared to bring up issues they have with their superiors for fear of retribution of one sort or another, either from managers or colleagues.

Surveys can provide them with an outlet for concerns and complaints, but also for suggestions and observations that could prove invaluable for the improvement of company processes.

Whereas the annual satisfaction survey once was the norm, nowadays businesses that want truly revealing insights can benefit from the regular feedback that an online survey tool can make possible.

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