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There is no doubt that work can sometimes be a very stressful place. High workloads, the pressure of deadlines and conflict or a tense atmosphere can all contribute to employees feeling burnt out.

Some level of stress is understandable and manageable, but sustained, excessive levels can interfere with mental and even physical health.

Consider the use of employee surveys to gauge the stress levels of your staff, so you can make informed decisions about improvements. A less stressful atmosphere can have benefits for your company including increased morale, productivity and employee retention.

Ways to de-stress your workplace

Stress is a serious health and safety issue. Make sure that your work environment is safe.

Create an open atmosphere where stress can be discussed and solutions can be trialled.

You can even come up with a workplace stress management policy, best created in consultation with your employees.

Long hours, heavy workloads, job insecurity, lack of autonomy, over and under-supervision, a lack of resources, harassment and discrimination are just some of the issues to look out for in your workplace that contribute to stress.

Symptoms of stress your workers may present are fatigue, sleeping difficulties and gastrointestinal upsets. As well as this, depression, anxiety and irritability, along with other psychological symptoms such as pessimism and a sense of being overwhelmed may be evident.

You may notice an increase in sick days, diminished productivity and performance, disinterest and problems with interpersonal relationships in a staff member who is experiencing workplace stress.

Support your staff to self-help

While you can do your best to foster a supportive and healthy workplace environment, your employees will have to endeavour to help themselves to some degree.

Encourage healthy exercise and eating habits, a balanced personal life and urge workers to speak up when they are experiencing stress.

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