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You are no doubt here because you clicked on a Survey Results Badge similar to the one below, located on one of our client’s websites or intranets.

The results you have seen are a cumulative percentage score, displayed in real time, showing that organisation’s survey results. The percentage score has not been modified by us or our client in any way – what you see is the actual feedback score our customer has received – in real time.

About PeoplePulse

PeoplePulse is an Australian-based independent survey firm.

We assist our clients to collect, store and report on online survey from both staff and customers.

Our software enables your to design, manage, deploy, and report on a variety of survey types and questionnaires from different browsers or mobile devices (including tablets and kiosks). All of the data we receive is collated in real time from actual customer and staff responses and stored within a secure environment.

Independently verified

Want A Real Time Survey Results Badge TO Display On Your Own Website?

Reinforce the great work you do and build trust and credibility by displaying a Survey Results Badge on your own website or intranet.

The real-time scores you have viewed on our client’s websites are collected and reported by PeoplePulse, a leader in online mobile, kiosk and desktop research.

Survey Results Badges are simple to execute and very effective.

If you are interested in adding a real time Survey Results Badge to your own website or intranet you can contact us on +61 2 9232 0172 or request a free live demo here.

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