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So you've set up your company's website as the go-to place for your customers to find out about your products and services.

You've spared no expense either. You've had it designed by a reclusive HTML genius, with keyword-heavy content, vibrant landing pages and compelling calls to action.

Even the Google-bots have nice things to say about your great website.

All you need now is for those customers to come and visit and whip out their credit cards to use your slick online ordering system.

So imagine your surprise if they never turned up!

This is an extreme example of what can happen when you misread the behaviour of potential customers.

Consider this piece of advice: "While online shopping is undoubtedly here to stay, many Australians, when in that purchasing frame of mind, still prefer to leaf through a printed catalogue, especially for smaller items like clothes and groceries."

That was provided by George Pesutto, general manager – media and communications at Roy Morgan Research.

The research firm recently conducted a study on the research mediums Australians prefer when mulling over a purchase.

As can be gauged by Mr Pesutto's statement, the internet wasn't always the first choice!

Although the results of the study indicated that Australians are clearly "becoming more and more comfortable with online research", this wasn't the case across the board.

Those researching new or used car purchases preferred to use the internet, as did potential buyers of real estate or those looking for home loans.

However, the online sphere came off second-best to good old catalogues for those shopping for groceries, cosmetics, and electronics.

The big take-away for Australian businesses is that consumer behaviour may not match up with commonly held assumptions.

Instead of taking a guess, why not implement a customer feedback survey to find out exactly how your customers prefer to do their shopping?

Using survey software, such surveys can be easily created and conducted, providing valuable business intelligence that you can then use to inform effective marketing strategies.

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