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Online shopping is widely known to be on the rise, with more and more stores taking their retail to the web, and even more stores operating solely from web-based platforms.

As easy as the online purchasing system often is, one of the harder things about buying on web-based platforms is that the traditional customer and store person interplay is eliminated.

This means that the feedback that an employee can usually gauge through human interaction no longer exists, which can make it harder for sellers to determine why the purchase is or isn't being made.

According to the Shullman Research Center, 62 per cent of affluent customers now prefer to purchase online over other methods of shopping. In this category alone, that's a lot of missed opportunities for client communication.

Survey software can recreate a channel of feedback so that retailers can regain some of this customer interaction that technology takes away.

Online merchant website practicalecommerce has several tips for the kind of questions a web-based retailer can ask their customers post-purchase to make up for this lost line of feedback.

So if you're considering a customer feedback survey for your online store, these tips may help you get started.

Practicalecommerce first suggests started with the basics like 'why did you buy from our store?' and 'how did you find out store?' which will open up the dialogue for things like prices, advertising effectiveness, customer loyalty or referrals. These kinds of questions will help you to determine what it is that you are doing right.

They also suggest asking if the products and overall customer experience met expectations, which is where you can see if there is anything you can improve on in your current offerings.

Also, the website recommends asking if there are any products or services which you could offer that might interest the customer, helping you to grow in the future.

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