So what makes our mobile survey solution stand out?

A great user experience on any mobile device.

With PeoplePulse Mobile your respondents receive a clean, easy to use fully customised and branded survey no matter what mobile device they use.


New mobile friendly question types.

Survey respondents love the new question types that work with both fingers and mouses and that make full use of the tactile ‘on the go’ nature of mobile devices.

Responsive designs –
For beautiful looking surveys.

PeoplePulse Mobile automatically detects the user’s device and adapts to serve the user a great looking survey that fits perfectly to the screen to show your brand in the best light.


Notifications that automatically keep you up-to-date.

PeoplePulse Mobile can red-flag situations based on parameters you have determined as important and alert you as soon as a particular event / response has occurred.

Dynamic ‘fit for purpose’ question display.

PeoplePulse Mobile automatically shows an appropriate question type to fit the device – so the infinite scroll of those never ending matrix questions in a mobile are a thing of the past.


In-built QR Codes.

QR codes can help your audience quickly find your survey. With PeoplePulse Mobile we can create 1 QR code per survey, or 1000’s of personalised QR codes for each respondent.

Combine your data with ours!

Pre-load data from your database into PeoplePulse Mobile so you no longer have to ask demographic questions. With this feature your mobile survey stays short and your response rates stay high!


In-built SMS invites.

With the average response time to an SMS being 4 minutes – faster than any other invite method – with PeoplePulse Mobile you’re just a text message away from receiving quality feedback fast.

14+ in-built and sharable online report types.

PeoplePulse Mobile offers unmatched ability to drill down and filter your results, and compare trends over time using tools such as our popular Date Comparison report. You’re going to want to see these to fully appreciate their power so please contact us now for a demo.

Cloud-based reports - alt

Fully hosted & supported from Australia.

PeoplePulse Mobile pairs all clients with an industry-expert, online survey Project Manager who builds surveys all day every day. All of your data is hosted within Australian shores on Tier 1 data centres and, importantly, we help ensure you comply with Australian Privacy Act.

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