Exceptional Online Survey Software

Continuously developed since 2003, our proprietary survey software empowers us to deliver secure, customised online questionnaires via a combination of desktops, smartphones, tablets and kiosks.

Our sophisticated invitation functionality provides you with a range of distribution options including SMS, emails, kiosks and QR codes.

Last but not least, our powerful online reporting suite complements our full-service Insights Division by allowing you to deep-dive into your feedback and comments 24/7 via a range of real-time reports, charts and automated, rule-based notifications.

Key features include:

ISO 27001:2013 Certified Security

Australian developed and hosted, because protecting you and your respondents is our highest priority

Mobile/Tablet Optimised

Ensure a great survey experience for your respondents

Elegant, Custom Branding

Survey look’n’feel based on your organisation’s identity, or co-brand with us as your trusted third-party provider

Sophisticated Hiding & Skip Logic

Customise the survey flow based on how a respondent answers and/or preloaded demographic data

Wide Range of Question Types

Using the correct collection tools is vital for data integrity and a positive user-experience

Multimedia Capabilities

Present videos and/or audio to respondents at any stage during a survey

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Feature-Rich Invitations

Flexible Deployment Options

The right combination of SMS, Kiosk, QR codes and Email invites to suit your needs

Custom HTML Email Invitations

Mimic your organisation’s online identity, or co-brand with us

Preload Respondent Data

Shorten questionnaires, increase accuracy and boost completion rates

Recipient List Automation

Send individual or bulk recipient invitations from your CRM/HRIS via FTP

Maximise Completion Rates

Rule-based reminders, typically only sent to recipients who have not commenced/completed the survey

Real-Time Response Rate Tracking

Track invitation open and completion rates, bounces, and filter by list/date

Unsubscribe Links

Allow recipients to unsubscribe from a survey / all future surveys (ideal for customer/marketing surveys)

Recipient Rules

Protect your list engagement by excluding recipients who have recently been invited to a survey

Thankyou Emails

Send personalised thankyou emails once a respondent completes the survey

Learn more about our full-service feedback solutions:

Powerful Online Reporting Suite

Deep-Dive in Your Own Time

Use comparative, variance, and time-trend reports to get high-level or granular views of your results

Free-Text Analysis Options

Simple word clouds to get you started, or categorise comments and export charts using a sophisticated drag+drop interface

Instant Email Notifications

Rule-based emails alert you to responses that require timely action, e.g. an internal bullying report or a customer complaint

API Integration

Integrate your survey data into your CRM, HRIS or website via our API

Email Reports

Share online reports (including locking down chosen filters) with various functions in your organisation without sharing your login/password

Scheduled Reports

Get the insights that matter delivered to you daily, weekly, monthly and/or quarterly

Trusted by over 1,000 organisations since 2003:


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Since 2003, PeoplePulse has delivered custom Employee and Customer surveys for over 1,000 organisations in A/NZ and across the globe. An Australian designed and operated solution, our local experience allows us to understand, and tailor our solutions for, your needs.

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