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How happy are your workers? You might need an employee satisfaction survey to find out.

One recent Australian survey found that workers in not-for-profit (NFP) organisations were generally happier than those from other sectors.

There are around 45,000 organisations in Australia, and despite the fact that they may be more likely to lose their management staff, the employees in these companies reported being generally happier and more satisfied by their work.

The Maxxia Workplace Insights 2013 Not-for-Profit Sentiment Study released these results and other findings today (June 20), highlighting the trend that attracting and retaining employees is one of the most difficult challenges for the NFP sector.

A large part of keeping employees is keeping them happy in the workplace, and that's where employee surveys come in.

As much as you can have general meetings about staff satisfaction, the qualitative nature of the results deemed from survey software can't be ignored for its value in understanding the true sentiment of a workforce.

The Maxxia study found that 66 per cent of NFP employees were either very or extremely satisfied with their current role, compared to just 56 per cent of total workforce employees.

However, just 36 per cent of managers in the total workforce have considered leaving their job, compared to half of NFP managers.

If you knew that half of your managers were considering leaving, that could put you in a difficult position that required immediate action to fix the issue – but it would at least be preferable to finding new employees to fill those management positions!

Maxxia CEO Michael Kay said: "Australia's not-for-profit sector plays a pivotal role in the delivery of vital services and support to a broad cross-section of the community including poor, sick, vulnerable and often disadvantaged individuals and families."

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