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Most managers like to think they are doing a good job in the workplace, but have you ever taken a step back to assess just how effective your strategy is?

You might want to utilise survey software to give your staff a platform to provide honest feedback, or alternatively you can take steps to be more assertive.

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) has offered a number of tips on how to make your presence known in the workplace, which may have a more far-reaching impact than you first thought.

One hint the group offers is to be firm and to the point. Being direct has its advantages – there is no ambiguity about what you want to happen and people are more likely to respond to it.

AIM also recommends staying calm at all times. Being in control of your emotions will make you a more effective leader and garner much more respect from your employees.

Some managers are afraid to disagree with their workforce, but if you are hoping to become more assertive, this is something you will have to do once in a while.

If asked your opinion then give it straight – a manager with firm beliefs will be much better respected than one who simply goes along with the majority.

However, there is a certain way you should go about expressing your opinions. Being collected is much more preferable to coming across as aggressive.

You also might want to think about interacting with workers on a more frequent basis – this will give you the opportunity to address issues as they arise, rather than leaving them bottled up.

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