In Customer & Client Surveys

These days as a society, we're pretty time poor. Not all customers are going to be motivated to spend their time filling in your customer survey questions. Customers are often pressed for time and many things compete for their attention, so it's a good idea to let them know their assistance is appreciated in some way.

Here are some ideas for offering a small incentive to customers who fill in your survey – whether it be specifically product-based or otherwise.

Offer a discount on their next purchase

Even a small discount can make consumers happier to fill in your survey. Whether it's $2 off their next coffee or five per cent off their next purchase, it's likely to be incentive enough for a consumer to be happy to fill out your form.

Two-for-one deals are also likely to be appreciated. Deals such as 'when two people dine, the third dines free' can be a great motivation.

These days, many people feel as though they deserve compensation for their time from a company – nothing comes for free. This goes for surveys too – and you never know, it might keep customers coming back for more.

Sign them up to an exclusive club

If you don't have the financial freedom to offer your customers a discount, bonus or deal, then why not sign them up to an exclusive members' club? This can come along with benefits such as member-only sales, advanced notice of deals and notice of special launches and events.

This can make the consumer feel more valued and enhance the perception that they are getting something of value for their time – something that doesn’t necessarily cost you a lot to provide.

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