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A survey by Hays has revealed that many businesses are planning to increase the numbers of permanent staff they employ this year.

If you are one of that 34 per cent, you may wonder just what you can do to ensure this transition goes well and the staff you employ in these roles stick around.

Here are some tips to help your business grow without a hitch. Remember, the right staff will help to create a vibrant business, as new people can bring exciting and dynamic ideas and possibilities to the table.

Define the role

When you are advertising a new role, make sure that your advertisement is clear, the obligations are set out well and that you are attracting the best candidates for the position.

Create an interview process

If you are managing copious interviews it is important to plan ahead and prepare your interview process. This includes choosing a place, planning the questions to ask as well as arranging appointments.

Ask for interview feedback

Once you have completed the interview process it is important to seek feedback about it through a staff survey. This can indicate if you need to improve your interview process, or whether and procedural changes need to be made.

If your application process is too difficult, you may be scaring off potential employees. This is information you might not always get from successful candidates, making it important to also interview all applicants. 

Run staff onboarding surveys

Once you have found someone to take on the role, you may want to run a staff onboarding survey. This will cover the recruitment and induction stages, so you know how they are feeling about the new role.

This will help if you plan on further growing your business.

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