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No matter whether your company is hosting its first event or has many years of experience, getting feedback can be valuable for shaping future occasions.

There are various aspects of an event that can benefit from carrying out a customer feedback survey.

Was it easy to find and access the venue? What was the quality of the offering like? Are there any areas that could benefit from improvements?

The extent and scope of your survey is entirely up to you – as is what you decide to do with the results.

When to carry out your survey

Asking people questions about your event just after it has happened is the best way to retrieve information, as it will be fresh in their minds.

However, this isn't your only option. You might decide to get in touch with individuals and companies in your database during the initial planning stages.

Asking the right questions

An important step to creating an effective survey is to decide which questions to ask. There might be certain aspects of the event you want to focus on, or a broad overview may be required.

If, for example, you have hosted an event at the same venue for many years and are thinking about a change, it could be worthwhile asking your attendees what they think.

As a result, venue-specific questions relating to accessibility, facilities and transport links might be included in your questionnaire.

On the other hand, you could be hosting an event for the first time. What did people think about it overall? How did it compare to other similar experiences?

The best way to determine the right questions to ask is by asking yourself what you hope to achieve with the information you have gathered.

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