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A customer feedback survey is a great way of learning more about the people who buy your products or services and how you can better serve them.

Whether you want to improve your customer service, find a way to better market your products or wish to boost customer loyalty and repeat transactions, going straight to the people themselves trumps speculation every time.

However if you have a customer base of several thousand, getting feedback from a couple of dozen won’t exactly give you a representative sample.

Ideally, you’ll want as many customers as possible to take part and provide their opinions, so that the snapshot you develop is detailed and in focus – not blurry and inaccurate!

Here are some ideas for boosting customer survey participation.

Communicate well

Quite simply, in order for your customers to take part in a feedback survey, they need to know about it!

You may have an excellent survey and the best of intentions, but if no one has any idea it exists, you’re in trouble.

Be sure to do all that you can to let customers know that they have an opportunity to provide feedback on your products or services.

How are you surveying?

Research has shown that web-based surveys are far more likely to generate responses than paper-based systems.

Survey software can make designing and implementing easily-accessible customer surveys that get great uptake levels.

Keep it short

You are asking your customers to give up some of their own time to provide you with helpful information, so don’t then hand them a novel-length survey!

Keep your survey to reasonable length and use your own good judgement. You may be confident that your customers will give their full attention to a 50 question survey, yet it mightn’t hurt to break it up into two 25-question surveys.

Whatever you decide, make sure you keep survey fatigue in mind when designing yours.

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