In Online Survey Software, Why Feedback Matters

There is no doubt that the online world is seriously affecting the way businesses operate.

Because of the fast-changing nature of the web, companies have to continuously engage in self-examination to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep up.

Use of an online customer service survey or satisfaction questionnaire can help you to understand what your company is doing right and wrong in the online world – but how much do you know about the extent Australians really use the internet, and how they access it?

Australians on the web

Mobile downloads are becoming the norm for Australians on the go, who are accessing the internet from their handheld devices, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

In the three months leading up to June 2013, almost 20,000 terabytes of data were downloaded by Australians on their mobile devices. That's a 43 per cent increase from the previous period of October to December 2012.

However, relative to other ways of accessing the internet, mobile devices are still a small ripple in the pond.

"Mobile handset downloads contribute a small percentage of our total internet downloads – in the three months to June, Australia's total download volume hit 657,000 terabytes, which is up 18 per cent compared to the three months ended December," said Lesley Martin from the ABS. 

Yet statistics shows that mobile data downloads are increasing. Is your business capitalising on this market with a mobile-friendly website or maybe even an app, or series of apps?

So many purchasing decisions are made based on internet content in this day and age, so it's important to reach as many corners of the market as you can.

Remember to consider trying a free custom-branded demonstration of PeoplePulse's online survey software, so you can learn more about your customers. 

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