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Ever wonder if the time of day that you send out your studies can impact the number of responses you receive? What about the day of the week?

It is important to choose the optimal time to send out your staff and customer service surveys so you get a higher response rate.

After all, you would have invested considerable time, effort and money already to ensure the survey is perfect, so you will also want to make sure it reaches the maximum number of people.

Generally speaking, the best time to send an online survey depends on your target audience. Is it a business to business questionnaire or are you after consumer opinions?

Remember, most business people are likely to be behind their desks all day and are more likely to respond during work hours. 

Consumers, on the other hand, are more likely to have provided a personal email address and as such probably won't reply during business hours.


When conducting business to business surveys it is best to avoid sending them on Monday. During this busy day, many people attempt to clean out their inboxes.

Sending your survey on the first day of the working week means it is more at risk of being deleted or ignored. 

Fridays are another day to potentially avoid, with many people trying to wrap things up for the weekend. Research from PeoplePulse has found the majority – 75 per cent – of survey responses are usually gathered in the first 48 hours after the invite has been sent. 

Another tip to maximise the amount of responses you get is to send the survey around 12 p.m. Most people would have already cleaned out their inbox by this time and might be in the middle of other projects.


The time of day has very little impact on whether customer satisfaction surveys will go unanswered, but it can be a good idea to consider sending them during the weekend, when consumers are more likely to be checking their personal emails.

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