In Training Surveys, Why Feedback Matters

Most businesses offer some degree of training to their employees at the start of their career, and many continue the training throughout their employees' time at the company.

Training your staff has many benefits – not only will they be more productive, but their performance might also improve as they are able to more quickly solve problems and may be better able to perform the functions of their role with improved results.

This could also help improve your company's score on employee surveys, as training could increase your staff's ethics, motivation, communication and attitude.

Staff conflict may also be reduced as a result, which could lead to increased staff satisfaction.

With all these benefits, it makes it essential to get staff training right. One way to measure the impact this is having on your employees is to send out a training feedback form.

You can get all your staff's thoughts at your fingertips and learn just where you can make changes that will improve the service you offer and boost staff morale as well as the business' bottom line.

One thing that could be hindering your performance is the way training is conducted. Staff might be able to suggest an alternative that could speed the process up, which means everyone can better allocate their time to other tasks.

Or, perhaps not everyone understands the message that the training manager is trying to portray to staff. 

You can better get to grips with the answers to these questions by regularly asking for your employees' opinions on how their training sessions went.

Make sure you ask what went well as well as what aspects could be improved so you get a balanced opinion on how your sessions are going.

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