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Many organisations spend a lot of money training new employees so that they can perform their roles to a high standard.

However, simply having a training program is no guarantee of results in the productivity of your staff and the quality of work they produce.

If your training strategy is not getting results, the consequences for your company can be significant.

Sure, retraining staff further down the line is always a possibility, but this can be costly to your business in terms of both time and money. Getting training right the first time should always be the priority.

That's why it is important to have a system in place to regularly assess the effectiveness of your training process.

Training evaluation surveys can help your company learn what is working and what requires improvement when it comes to how you train your staff.

For instance, you can use a training feedback system to find out what participants have taken away from their course of instruction, and whether they believe their newfound knowledge will assist them in meeting their KPIs.

By getting an accurate picture of the skills and knowledge being passed on to trainees, you can adjust your practice to ensure that what staff need to know is getting taught – and in a way that results in them retaining and applying that information.

If it turns out that staff aren't getting the sort of training that you need them to, you can then adjust your training budget so that they have the resources they need to become assets to your company.

Training evaluation surveys are also a great way to reinforce the knowledge that new recruits have gained by encouraging them to reflect on what they have learned before moving on to the next stage of their development in your business.

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