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Nothing is more frustrating than going to all the effort of hiring a new team member, getting them started and trained, only to see them decide the position isn't for them after a month or so and leave you back at square one.

When this happens once, it is a big annoyance; when it happens repeatedly it can be a signal that all is not well with your recruitment process.

If you suspect this may be the case, as with any problem the quicker you can fix it the better for your company.

So how do you find the failure points in the way you a recruiting new staff members?

The most effective strategy is to examine your methods closely and to seek feedback from all parties involved.

Recruitment process feedback surveys can make diagnosing the problem a science, and remove all guesswork on your part.

With online survey software it is easy to design feedback surveys that are tailored to the way you recruit.

By seeking feedback from both successful and unsuccessful job candidates as well as HR managers and interviewers – and recent hires – you can gain an understanding of how each sees the recruitment process.

This can help you understand how your company is seen by job applicants and whether there is somehow a disconnect between their initial impression of your company or their role.

The value of the feedback you can generate through such surveys is that they will add up to an overall picture of what is happening in your recruitment process.

You can then use this to refine and improve how you advertise positions, interview candidates, on-board new hires and follow up with them later down the track.

When you work at getting recruitment right, you can improve your staff retention rate – something all businesses leaders would surely appreciate.

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