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As a company, finding professional and productive employees and keeping them on board should be one of your biggest priorities.

Employee surveys can help you to identify issues with current staff and find ways to encourage their workplace satisfaction so they stay. But how do you find the right staff in the first place? How many people are really on the hunt for a job?

Currently, there are around 607,000 Australians looking for full-time work, and another 690,000 looking for part-time employment, according to Roy Morgan Research.

"While the overall level of employed Australians has risen to 11,170,000 (up 44,000), most worryingly full-time employment has dropped to 7,413,000 (down 27,000) – now at its lowest since January 2013 (7,196,000)," said Executive Chairman of Roy Morgan, Gary Morgan.

"Australia's under-employment has dropped slightly to 989,000 (7.9 per cent, down 0.2 per cent) meaning a total of 2,286,000 (up 29,000) Australians are either unemployed or under-employed (18.3 per cent, up 0.1 per cent).

If you're hiring, that's a pretty big pool of workers to choose from, although of course it narrows down as you search for individuals with the prerequisite skills for your position.

But remember, currently unemployed individuals only make up a small proportion of the people you might want to interview for a position.

Many people will seek a new job whilst still holding their current job, or aren't necessarily actively looking for a job but may be interested if they are head hunted.

How do you access the right kind of workers for your company if they aren't actively applying for jobs?

These days, social and business networking tools such as LinkedIn help companies to find individuals who might be content in their current role but are open to new and improved opportunities.

You can use the search function to look for people whose skills line up with your needs, and contact them to engage them in a discussion or offer. These kinds of technologies are truly changing the way companies find employees.

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