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A customer engagement survey could indicate just how connected your clientele is with your brand – data that is sure to be important for marketing.

US company, StrongView conducted a marketing trends survey for 2014. The results indicated how American businesses planned on spending their marketing dollars.

It found that many companies intended on increasing their budgets this year to include activities that will increase their customer engagement.

However, in order to increase customer engagement, you must first have the base level for comparison.

A customer survey can indicate to you just how connected your clients already are. It can later be repeated so you can gauge how effective your marketing strategies have been, and see where these can be improved.

This will allow your marketing team to better target your audience, leading to better prioritised marketing dollars.

You may also be able to target some questions to see what kinds of marketing strategies would work best, whether it be an email, social media marketing, mobile marketing or something else.

StrongView's survey indicated that 40 per cent of businesses found levering and accessing customer data was one of the biggest email marketing challenges and said that 36 per cent of businesses lack the resources to collect this information.

A customer survey is a simple and effective way to learn more about your customers' motivations, preferences and desires.

It is important to pass this information on to your marketing team, who can leverage it to create campaigns targeting these specific areas so they are more relevant to your target audience.

This is sure to lead to more engaged and connected customers, which will be profitable for your entire business.

Try an Australian-designed customer survey free and see how it could improve your marketing techniques.

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