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All corporations want to attract and hire top talent, but you might not think to ask candidates how challenging they found the application process.

When you undertake this process, it is important that you don't just do a staff survey, but also ask a few questions of those who were not successful in the position.

This can indicate if there are any parts of the procedure due for a revamp. It might give you some ideas about how straightforward the process is and how well interviews are arranged and carried out.

Remember that some of these candidates may later be recruited or even become loyal customers in future.

Plus, there may be certain elements of the procedure such as a glitch​ in the online application process that could put off top talent.

Unless you survey applicants, you may never know how you can improve the process and find the best candidates for the position.

Not only that, but unhappy interviewees may also open the floodgates. There are more avenues now than ever before to publicly denounce a company – Facebook and Twitter are perennial favourites.

Doing a survey of this group could help to form a good impression of the business in the minds of potential staff, therefore reducing the likelihood of them giving negative feedback in a more public forum.

Another great reason to consider undertaking this kind of survey is to ensure your management staff are executing their jobs to the highest degree.

You can check that all elements of your internal checklist are being completed, from the original email with interview details all the way to the phone call informing candidates they were not successful.

Questions you can incorporate in this survey include asking about where they found out about the position and seeing how they feel about your brand and culture.

This can help you to judge where your best talent is coming from and also determine how people perceive your organisation.

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