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Productivity in the workplace is a complex topic and there are many different factors that come into play.

The physical working space is one of these factors. Is it conducive to a productive working environment by fostering communication, concentration and good health?

A good way of finding out whether your workspace is operating successfully is to engage your staff in employee surveys.

However in today's evolving world, managers might need to get their heads around the idea of a productive working environment outside of the office.

According to Regus, a global workspace provider, working remotely is soon going to overtake office workspaces.

The results of a Regus poll released on September 9 revealed that 42 per cent of respondents worked remotely for at least half of their working week. That result is up on last year's 39 per cent.

Employers spoke of improvements in staff retention, lower operating costs and greater productivity as some of the significant benefits of remote working.

However one of the problems that seems to arise when staff are working remotely is the issue of management. How can management get the best out of their staff when they're off-site, without resorting to micro-managing tasks due to a lack of trust?

"Workforces are becoming ever more 'distributed', with staff in multiple locations. It is perfectly possible for remote teams to collaborate effectively, but it does require managers to focus less on control and more on motivation and teamwork," said John Spencer, UK chief executive officer of Regus.

"The full benefits of remote working are unlikely to be achieved if employers assume people want to work from home. Most people don’t want work to encroach on their home lives and are more productive in a professional environment, closer to home, such as a local business centre."

More flexible working arrangements seem to be of growing benefit to a number of people, so long as management remains effective. Does this change the way you think about your workspace?

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