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Whether you're a small company or a larger enterprise, making the most of your staff is going to be important. They are, after all, at the heart of your company, hopefully making sure that day to day operations are running smoothly.

Here are some tips to help you manage your team, making sure that they're happy and productive and doing their best work for the company – and that's something that everyone can benefit from.

Keep them on

A high turnover of staff is not ideal, especially if it is some of your best workers leaving. If you notice that many of your treasured workers are jumping ship it's time to seriously analyse why this may be occurring.

Consider implementing employee surveys to gather information on why this may be and take a look at how you are treating your workers. What can you do for them to make them stay? Are they being paid enough, respected, and offered enough opportunities for progression? If not, these are some factors that can contribute to a high staff turnover.

Make the most of personal strengths

Spend some time identifying the different skill sets of your employees. Do some shine when it comes to communication, while others are quiet, conscientious workers?

Take these skills and put them to use in appropriate ways. Your employees will appreciate you noticing what they are good at and letting them use their talents.

Foster a team spirit

While it's important to maintain professionalism, a friendly and supportive atmosphere can help to motivate staff to do the best work for each other. Loyalty can be fostered through team incentives, a social club or night and a team-oriented office strategy.

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