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In this day and age, gender equality is an important part of managing your business. However, for many Australian businesses, gender equality is something they have not yet achieved.

Women on Boards (WOB) is an organisation in Australia that aims to improve gender balance on Australian boards.

WOB also investigates gender balance through the Women on Boards Traffic Light Index. The 2013 results of this were released on September 26.

These revealed that only 8 per cent of ASX200 companies have a 'green light' rating for gender diversity within their organisation. While results had improved from last year, there was still a way to go.

"Unfortunately 15.5 per cent (31 companies) rated red meaning they show little or no compliance at all with basic gender diversity principles, while 29.5 per cent (59) rated only slightly higher at 2.1, the bottom of the Amber category," said Women on Board Chair and report author Ruth Medd.

Ms Medd commented that 90 companies could benefit from lifting their game with better diversity initiatives. On the other hand, those topping the 'green light' list were making real progress, using innovative, best practice programs.

Companies with female directors also had better gender diversity than companies with male directors.

"Whether it stems from an unconscious bias, traditional work cultures or simple ignorance companies cannot continue in this vein. This is why we “encourage” the companies that who are falling short in their gender diversity compliance and recognise those making real progress by publicly naming them alongside their ranking," said Ms Medd, who also noted that women still receive lower pay than men.

Does your company do enough to ensure gender diversity? Consider using survey software to engage your staff and see if they have any ideas on how your company can improve.

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