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So, you've decided to create a customer satisfaction survey in which you'll ask the customers that have dealt with you in the prior 12 months to complete.

Before you start sending out a survey you want to make sure that it will foster the right impression of your company and is respectful to the consumer in every way possible – but what exactly does this mean?

1 – Don't pry

What is the information that you really need from the consumer? Don't ask any more than this. Inquiring into unnecessary personal detail is unprofessional and may make you look like you are digging for inappropriate information.

2 – Help the customer to understand      
Make sure your customer knows why you're asking a question. This can help to negate any feelings of invasiveness if you have to ask a personal question. For instance if it really is necessary for you to enquire into a customer's income, state why this is relevant to your company, and always give the option to opt out of a question.

3 – Tell the consumer where their information is going

Tell the survey participant what is going to happen to their information. Will it be used on an exclusively internal basis, to help the company improve their customer service and practices? If the information is to be shared with any third party then make sure your customer knows about it.

As well as this, be sure to let them know whether their responses will remain anonymous or not.

4 – Thank your customer

In the end it's vital you thank your customers for their time and for their responses. This will help to make them feel more useful, appreciated and more likely to help you with answering questionnaires in the future.  Fortunately, PeoplePulse has an easy to use ‘Thank you’ email notification feature that can be used to send survey respondents a personalised thank you message as soon as they complete the survey, or sent to all respondents at once at a scheduled point in time.

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