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How does your business fight attrition? Does it put a band aid over the problem and hope that a scar doesn't form, or does it work to stop the wound appearing in the first place?

Treating the cause and not the symptom is always the best method and that is why any effective strategy to keep your best staff should start right at the beginning of their career with your company.

The first days and weeks that a staff member spends with your business are the only opportunity that you get to make a first impression.

Making new recruits feel welcome and getting them settled in the company culture can go a long way to making them loyal brand warriors – meaning they will work hard, but also be more likely to stay longer with your firm.

There are many different ways to go about implementing an effective employee onboarding process.

A good orientation will give new recruits just the amount of context they need to make sense of their place in your company.

So that means you don't need to introduce them to every single person in the building – just those with whom they are likely to interact or work in close proximity to.

A critical role for managers to play in the first weeks of employment is to ensure new staff have the resources and support they need – the last thing you want them to feel is stranded!

Of course, you can't expect your staff onboarding strategy to be perfect from the very start, which is why your business should consider onboarding surveys from an early stage in a recruit's career.

These are a great way of gauging how new employees are adjusting to your company as well as an efficient way to keep your recruitment process on track.

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