In Customer & Client Surveys, Why Feedback Matters

Something businesses should be aware of these days is that companies receive feedback from their customers through multiple channels, all the time.

Gone are the days when one written survey a year was enough to garner feedback from. Now, businesses must react and adapt to changes in technology, public opinion and competition quickly, lest they fall behind.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places to turn to keep up to date with feedback from your customer base – whether it's in the form of online customer satisfaction surveys, comments on social media pages or even looking at data from your sales.

How you can learn from social media

Social media is a great place to go for feedback on your company. Too many businesses operate a Facebook or Twitter page because they know everybody else is doing it, but they don't take full advantage of the information such platforms can offer them.

Keep a look out for which of your posts are being shared, what's most popular and how many people are liking and commenting on what you do.

From information like this, you can gain insight into what your customers want to see more of and what they are less happy with. This can help you to swiftly rectify anything negative.

Remember, if somebody makes a complaint on your page, it's best to deal with the matter quickly and considerately, rather than leaving it unattended.

It's a reality of today's world that feedback is now a 24/7, year-round phenomenon and something that companies need to stay on top of. The more you are in tune with your customers and what they want, the more they will keep coming back. Keep on top of the information you're receiving to make sure competitors don't beat you to it. 

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