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When designing a customer service survey, there are a few design factors you'll want to consider.

While online survey software makes the process of creating a survey easy, there are certain aspects of your questionnaires you can tailor to the needs of you company.

Here are some of the aspects of surveys you can use the software to customise quickly and easily.

Many aspects of a survey's visual design can be customised using survey software. You can either use the software's provided templates or tailor your own design so that your survey complements your brand and website.

As well as this, you can decide upon features including font, colour and layout, so you have the scope to make important creative decisions.

In addition, you can integrate your own rich media such as video or animation, gif images or straightforward image files. This means that you can represent your brand authentically and achieve your business goals.

This same flexibility is offered for your question response fields. For example, you can choose whether your customers will respond by choosing one of your designated answers in a dropdown box, or if there is a multi-tick box, a free-text field, a matrix or sliding scale – and these are just some of the options!

This means you can further design your survey to comply with your business needs and the kinds of questions you really want answered by the consumer. You don't simply have to stick with yes or no questions or be confined to just one format. Rather, you are given the freedom to really optimise your survey.

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