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It may seem like an obvious conclusion, but when retail employees are engaged in their work, they are more likely to deliver a positive experience to a customer – who then in turn is more engaged with the brand.

In an HR Magazine feature titled Getting Engaged, a number of leading industry experts offer comment on the so-called 'engagement gap'. This phrase refers to any disconnect that an employee has with their employer, as well as its knock-on effects on the rest of the organisation.

While employees tend to put on a smiling face – especially if managers are present – finding out whether or not they are really engaged with their work may involve a bit more research.

Determining what really matters to employees, and figuring out how to use this information to your advantage, can help managers build incentive programs and engagement strategies to attract and retail quality staff members.

This in turn can result in a more positive experience for everyone involved in the retail process – including customers.

An important question for managers is: How can I determine what incentives and strategies will have a positive impact on my staff members?

One way to gain further insights into what makes workers tick is to carry out employee satisfaction surveys. This can help you determine specific areas where you can improve employee engagement, as well as the type of incentives that your staff members may find particularly motivating.

Likewise, employee surveys can also help provide additional information about what your staff members appreciate most about their jobs. Playing to the strengths of your organisation and working on its weaknesses will help put any retailer at the top of its game.

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