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Employee surveys are a great way of receiving feedback from staff, but some companies could be at risk of losing out on valuable insight by not using the information effectively.

This is according to Hays, which explained that employee satisfaction surveys can assist with recruitment and retention, as well as protecting company profits.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, highlighted that there is a strong link between happy employees, customer satisfaction and profit.

He continued: "Businesses that don't use employee survey data strategically are missing an opportunity to attract and retain high-performing employees.

"But many managers do not act on the data they collect, or fail to respond, because they see the results as personal criticism. That's where strong leadership is critical."

Mr Deligiannis highlighted that managers need to use the information to identify problem areas and carry out the necessary training to ensure these issues are not able to escalate.

Hays offered a number of recommendations to companies that might be considering using employee surveys – or that have so far not used the information to their advantage.

The group suggested that survey results should be used in conjunction with other data, such as new hire and exit surveys, customer feedback and employee performance.

This will provide a more diverse overview of company procedures, giving bosses the opportunity to take a step back and determine where changes need to be made – if any.

Hays also recommended looking beyond the basic data and using it to analyse more in-depth trends.

It can be all too easy to analyse results in isolation, rather than determining what they mean for the organisation as a whole.

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