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Most managers know that there are many good reasons to ensure that employees have a high level of engagement in the workplace.

After all, engaged employees often report higher satisfaction with their jobs, better relationships with their colleagues and are less likely to leave and seek out new opportunities elsewhere.

But did you know that improving your employees' engagement in the workplace can also give your organisation a competitive edge? A case study reported by DDI World has revealed that while employee engagement has a number of tangible personal benefits to individual staff members, it can also make a big difference to a company's bottom line.

According to the report, workers who report low levels of engagement are four times more likely to leave their jobs than those who are highly engaged at work. Likewise, organisations that are able to transition from low to high levels of employee engagement can expect to see a performance increase of up to 21 per cent.

So how do you begin the process of increasing employee engagement? According to DDI World, it is important to start with an accurate measure of where your organisation stands in terms of engagement levels – but the bulk of your time and resources should then be spent on strategies to actively improve engagement.

This is where the right survey software can be particularly helpful. PeoplePulse can help you collect timely, actionable feedback and help you listen to your employees' voices.

Not only will this feedback help you take targeted action, but you can also use employee engagement surveys to monitor your process, evaluate what is working well and see where further improvements can be made.

Contact PeoplePulse today for a free demonstration of our survey software and find out how your company can boost its bottom line.

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