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Sometimes it seems as though the news is dominated with stories of employee disengagement. Fortunately, however, there are a number of companies that are bucking the trend.

It seems as though the thing that separates the engaged from the disengaged is relatively simple – effective, purposeful leadership. This means that if you are keen to boost engagement at your organisation, it might make sense to make some changes that start at the very top.

According to a feature published in The HR Director and backed up by Gallup statistics, one of the major pitfalls that managers fall into is to pursue engagement "for its own sake".

Instead, managers should look to the bigger picture. What outcome is your business working to achieve? How will engagement help you get there? By looking at engagement as part of an overall strategy rather than as a goal to be pursued separately, you will be better able to align your strategy to your outcomes and create a lasting shift in your corporate culture.

Another crucial thing that managers must do in order to foster engagement is ensure that expectations are laid out clearly from the outset. When employees know exactly what they are required to do, and they are given the resources they need to carry out their duties, you have laid out the foundations for engaging, productive work.

Of course, fostering employee engagement is an ongoing process that needs regular attention – otherwise, you risk losing all the excellent ground you have gained and may have to start all over again.

Checking in with your staff regularly through online surveys can be an excellent way of assessing whether you are on the right track with your employee engagement initiative.

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